Exploring potential purposes for ChatGPT in nuclear medication and molecular imaging

Credit score: Pixabay/CC0 Public Area A brand new article in The Journal of Nuclear Drugs explores the potential for utilizing ChatGPT, a synthetic intelligence chatbot, within the discipline of nuclear medication and molecular imaging. Within the article, Irène Buvat, Ph.D., and Wolfgang Weber, MD, Ph.D., report on discussions they held with ChatGPT concerning a number […]

Oil Pulling Advantages: 4 Potential Oral Well being Perks

Oil pulling is the self-care follow of cleansing the mouth with oil. It includes inserting a tablespoon of edible oil (similar to sesame or coconut) in your mouth, swishing for as much as 20 minutes, after which spitting it within the trash (to keep away from clogging pipes). This well being ritual is credited to […]